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Huawei's interpretation of hive model
Huawei mobile phones businesses in transition in B2B business thinking inevitably conflict with the large platform, things are going to be subject to the restrictions and limitations. So-called conflict, traditional thinking between B2B and B2C Internet thinking in the field. After all, sell hundreds of global telecommunications operators and sell billions of consumers with different phone Fashionable Wholesale Stereo Headphones(http://www.efull.com/product-fashionable-wholesale-stereo-headphones_91091.html). In other words, "Huawei's gene" must evolve.

Today, the company seems to have emerged from the confusion of the past. Huawei's global Analyst Conference, held recently, Huawei announced: 2016 Smartphone plan target to 140 million units in shipments, middle-and high-end models accounted for more than 55%, that is, to 77 million units, behind the data emboldened from the high-end flagship models of iterations of steady growth.

Huawei consumer BG Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Zhang Xiaoyun said: by the end of December 2015, Huawei's high-end phone Mate 7 global shipping over 7 million; P8 global shipments of nearly 4.5 million, covering more than 100 countries and regions; by the end of March 2016, Huawei's high-end phone Mate 8 global shipments of nearly 4 million units.

In the global market, Huawei was the only success in the high-end price focus on mature markets mobile phone brand in China. € 300-€ 500 smartphone in the Western European market stalls Huawei's market share has reached second place, while in Spain 400-500 euro stalls ranked (2015 Q4 GFK data), Italy 400-500 euro stalls in the market share of the market for the first time surpass Samsung (January 2016 GFK data).

Zhang Xiaoyun more proud to be in 2015, Huawei's overall brand awareness rose to 76%, jumped by 33% "we believe that, unlike competitive gap will continue to shrink, now is the time we accelerate the potential energy savings brand. ”

Starting from the 2011 MWC, the one observation in the years that followed witnessed the "veteran" Huawei mobile phones to complete a "brand acceleration." As the world's third largest smartphone company, Huawei, was also thinking about another question: How do you get picked as consumers like Apple and Samsung.

New brand way

"I had been working at the company for nearly 15 years, when they first joined the company, I was a research and development engineer. In the past 15 years, my Huawei's career spans many areas, from sales in the overseas market, the spokesman of Huawei's consumer business, I was also involved in the formation of its consumer e-commerce business. At present, I am responsible for Huawei's global consumer business branding and marketing. "Huawei's global Analyst Conference, Zhang Xiaoyun describes his career.

In recent years, as well as Zhang Xiaoyun, many B2B businesses "transition" people experience to Huawei Huawei terminal business transformation, from a little learning into mainstream Echelon, and then to gradually master the right to speak.

Yu have regrets this transition will not be easy: Huawei past B2B operator equipment business thinking, habits, and B2C operational requirements as direct to consumer mobile business, there's a big difference, need to change the habits of mind of employees, the core is to really face the end consumer. But Huawei is the core idea in the consumer BG has not changed, such as customer orientation, spirit, and the spirit of self-criticism of cadre.

Analyst, Zhang Xiaoyun describes future Huawei Terminal brand building objectives. In simple terms, is how to make more and more consumers like Huawei, Huawei actively try out new marketing and presentation.

Starting from 2015, Huawei started branding around the entire enterprise, including the Western world introduced Huawei's brand and culture. A lot of market research data show that Apple's marketing is famous... читать полностью
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Exports of high-tech products contrarian growth
Hangzhou customs posted 18th said, 2016 a quarter of Zhejiang province's imports and exports valued at 456.32 billion yuan (RMB, same below), down 4.3%. Among them, exports 358.56 billion yuan, down 4.1%; import 97.76 billion yuan, a drop of 5.1%. "Double down", the export of high-tech products contrarian growth 11.6%, China USB Flash Disk Manufacturers (http://www.efull.com/product/usb-flash-disk_1231.html) cross-border e-commerce showed strong increases speed.

Over the years, foreign trade in Zhejiang province. Hangzhou customs data showed that a quarter of this year, Zhejiang foreign trade imports and exports as a percentage of China's foreign trade 8.8% export 11.9% per cent of China's total exports.

Among them, the European Union, the United States and ASEAN is Zhejiang's major trading partners, 3 markets together accounted for 47.6% of Zhejiang province's gross value of imports and exports in the same period. Emerging markets have fragmented, Zhejiang, India, and Russia export is relatively stable, Latin America, Africa, exports decreased rapidly.

Sino-Korean, Sino-Australian free trade agreement came into effect, Zhejiang on Korea, and Australia trade greater contrast, Australia exported 0.2%, Korea export decreased by 10.5%.

Although imports and exports fell in the first quarter, but make up is that high-tech products, such as cultural products "to lead the" Zhejiang's export growth.

First quarter exports high-tech products in Zhejiang Province 25.52 billion yuan, Buck 11.6%, 7.1% of the total export value. Among them, solar 61.2%, maintained double digit growth for 10 consecutive months. In addition, cultural products, lamps, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, textile machinery, integrated circuit exports growth.

Earlier, seven per cent of the province's exports and 37.4% such traditional labor-intensive products, toy exports alone to maintain positive growth, Dr secret products exports fell throughout 2015 1%.

From the first quarter, there are also many foreign trade became the new kinetic energy of the new formats. As a comprehensive experimental zone of China's first cross-border e-commerce, cross-border integrated area of Hangzhou construction was strengthened. First quarter, Hangzhou customs inspection and cross-border e-commerce retail exports a total of 26.99 million votes, the value of 1.31 billion yuan, an increase of 2.9 times and 3.2 times times; 8.537 million of imported goods Dongguan Factory(http://www.efull.com/), the value of 1.52 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5 times and 8.2 times times.

Customs statistics showed that small volume, high value and high-value products more popular air channels, Zhejiang exported by air to 18.73 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 11.1%.
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Garment industry means to achieve industrial 4.0
1, improving the quality of human resources

Lack of talent is the biggest obstacle to hinder the integration of Informationization and industrialization. Industrial 4 first is talent. First, senior management: there is no modern philosophy and global consciousness, do not know the network information and manage knowledge, China Manufacturers(http://www.efull.com/) lack of forward thinking cannot lead the team to win the competition. Second engineers: innovation, patents, enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for development, human intelligence is the key. Third, operators: must have skills working intelligent machines.

Training is an important way to improve garment quality. Nationwide promotion of apparel CAD software knowledge, skills enhancement training, and vocational education. General clothing apparel software courses offered in universities and vocational colleges.

2, the implementation of the "substitution of the machine"

"Machine change" is an important way for industry clothing industry 4.0. From the apparel manufacturing process analysis: If you use clothing CAD software and digitizer, you can eliminate artificial dashes, and tailored, realize the whole computer drawings, grading, marker. If you use the plate cutting machine, you can follow the computer design of automatic cutting, than the manual quickly and accurately. If you use the automatic spreading machines, a group can be omitted 4 artificial. If you use a computer CD bed, cutting 100 layers of cloth against electric scissors. If you use the fourth generation of sewing machines, automatic template, a machine that can replace the 6-person work, production efficiency, bring revolutionary leap to garment enterprises. Through the "substitution of the machine" allows digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, established network of production facilities. However, the "smart factory" first steps towards industrial 4.0 garment industry.

3, achieving "smart"

"Industrial 4.0" is divided into two topics, one is "smart factory", the second is "intelligent". "Intelligent", covering the entire enterprise of production and logistics management, human-computer interaction and application of 3D technology in industrial processes. Industrial 4.0 " Home Furniture Directory(http://www.efull.com/product/home-furniture_1599.html) is not simply the pursuit of automation, the exclusion of people involved in the whole production process. And of instead, we hope of is intelligent technology will looks at Yu more high-level of human-computer interaction field, according to business clothing industry workers of psychological, and physiological and body structure harmony processing people, and mechanical and environment of relationship, let hi-tech hardware equipment for business clothing industry staff provides better of support, and using plus green intelligent of means and intelligent system, emerging technology, building a efficient energy-saving of, and green environmental of, and environment comfortable of human factory, and not as worker bees as, called business clothing workers daily kept to kick.
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Hands and promote economic restructuring
Dongguan's transformation shows that transformation and upgrading of public and market "hands" and used to promote.

In Dongguan, there are marketing this "invisible hand" forced transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also does have some companies rely on the Government only the "visible hand" leading the push, realize the smooth upgrade.

However, leading the push by Government alone, Speaker & Sound Box Factories(http://www.efull.com/product/speaker-sound-box_1606.html) or market force alone to promote economic transformation could not be the desired result.

2006 Dongguan socio-economic transformation and upgrading of two strategies, the core is the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. But guidance and supervision of the Government, has not received positive response from many companies at once. In 2008, after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, foreign trade orders plummeted, site building vacancy rates rising. For one thing, many business owners are still looking forward to rely on traditional "order economy" profit-making mode through the crisis, but has run into a wall on the other, processing enterprises and met in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, you must first shut down enterprises in transition re-established only after production problems.

In June 2008, Dongguan city, Dongguan city, seven departments jointly issued the processing enterprises in situ production to foreign-funded enterprises operating procedures and guidelines, ready for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, "reassured". Government and market "hands" with the concerted efforts, beginning with 2009 Dongguan's processing trade in transition.

The country look, all economies in transition where the upgrade is done well, all Government and market are "hands" and used to promote. Core area within the national independent innovation demonstration zone in Zhongguancun "electronic Street" upgrade for two blocks, is the Government's lead and the Steering and the market reversed by promoting joint action masterpiece.

The Government and the market, are two big engines of China's economic Commerce & Office Electronics(http://www.efull.com/product/commerce-office-electronics_1574.html) transformation and upgrading. Economic transformation and upgrading, there is an urgent need to deal with the Government and the market, "hands", give full play to "dual engine" role.
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Innovation and development of the processing trade and don't forget small and medium enterprises
Recently held in the Central deep consideration of the restructuring by the opinions on promoting innovation and development of processing trade. Meeting, to enhance the status of processing trade in global value chains, getting "inflow or outflow" as "eugenic" trade powers to trade power shift.

China as had "world factory", in processing trade aspects accumulated has is strong of advantage, but China of processing trade industry also exists with itself of features, this features is large of processing class export products is by coastal areas of SMEs production of, Luggage, Bag & Case Factories(http://www.efull.com/product/luggage-bag-case_1076.html) it although pulled low has China processing trade of technology content, but while also for China solution has labor employment problem, especially coastal areas large exists of to "three" for content of export processing enterprise, more is absorption has mainland number to billion meter of rural transfer labor. But after entering the new normal economy, unsustainable old model, the new model of development has not yet been established, these SMEs are the worst hit. It is for this reason, in the process of falling economic growth, Governments need to adopt various measures to ensure the development of SMEs, which is not only to increase security, but also to guarantee employment.

Therefore, in the process of promoting the innovation and development of processing trade, be aware, the Government introduced the policy support for processing trade, not just large and State-owned enterprises, but should be more inclined to SMEs. As far as innovation, there are still many problems due to their own conditions. This requires providing policy support from the Government in the process of consciously Guide, China Bags By Style Manufacturers(http://www.efull.com/product/bags-by-style_1586.html) promoting the innovation of State-owned large enterprises and SMEs be convergence, so that SMEs can access to quality by means of the innovation of State-owned enterprises. Because of the large number of small and medium enterprises, when they are able to share policy dividends, real innovation-driven development, processing trade industry as a whole and will have a strong sustainability.

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More than 60% exhibitors from Hong Kong Electronics fair in Shenzhen
From Shenzhen enterprises "dominated" global sources (8.1,-0.06,-0.73%) 2014 series electronics fair recently held in Asiaworld-Expo, Hong Kong, the total number of booths representing an increase of spring exhibition 25%, 60% more than more than 3700 booths are Shenzhen enterprise, represents the consumer electronics industry in the future development direction of the household, security light, Computer & Consumer Electronics Factories (http://www.efull.com/product/computer-consumer-electronics_1074.html) car electronic products. From 18 to 21 continues this second part of the exhibition "cell phone Electronics Show".

Prospects for the future, although many vendors lamented the export market competition, but for those in the industrial design and product development, branding and other aspects of enterprise with strong power, development is still optimistic about the future, expected in 2014 still achieve steady growth in sales.

"Smart home technologies certainly leading"

"Smart home is a trend, but not much money-making enterprises, enterprises have a degree of market needs, and to stay ahead on nuclear technology." Shenzhen Mele digital technology Vice President Xia Hongzhi told reporters, the audiovisual sector competitive this year, does not require is very high, and some smart phones, smart TV features integrated, decline in orders, in addition to product development, the company has introduced new products, also active in cooperation with large enterprises.

According to reports, Mele is Baidu (190.88, 0.99, 0.52%) shadow big suppliers, which can be 4 K watch the video, can also play large video game shadow of Baidu bar appeared in public for the first time on 3rd generation products at the exhibition, coming soon. This was established in 2004, the main research and development production of home audio-visual equipment company, 3 years ago 95% sales come from overseas markets, products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions, with domestic own-brand building and a continuous introduction of new products, the domestic market share has been upgraded to 25%.

"The company's sales this year are expected to rise an additional 30%, to reach 4 billion yuan, growing most quickly is the company's line of smart phones just last year." Rui Xin Huang Dongzhou, President of electronic technology limited company of Guangzhou told a press conference, did not consider themselves and enter the mobile phone market too late, such as Rui Xin upcoming title "health card" Smartphone integrates some of the smart bracelet features phones with me will be able to measure body temperature, heart rate, is about to launch in the fourth quarter.

Rui Xin company has more than 1000 research engineers, production was done by foundries, focus on the product features of the industrial design, function, multiple product Germany if Awards, red dot awards. Huang Dongzhou believes that as long as companies in technological innovation, there are markets.

"Export brand rather than price"

"The entire security industry under the influence of market setbacks, the situation is not good, but I don't feel that doing business is difficult. 35% percent of our total sales is expected to rise this year, mainly from the increase in own brand products in overseas markets. "A research and development center in Shenzhen high-tech, President Li told reporters that many manufacturers, China used price competition in overseas markets, lack of brand and their ideas and create high value, most hardware and software innovation and industrial design, there are 20 talented designer responsible for industry, Visual and graphic design. In addition, in order to improve the company's "soft" power, will record levels also put in $ 1 million in Germany and create two new cloud platform research and Development Center in Fujian province.

Li said that although the high export price higher,... читать полностью
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Three major bottlenecks in cross-border e-commerce in the future will shift from B2C B2B
To promote school-Enterprise Exchange of personnel, increase the intensity of business personnel training, improve business competitiveness and Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce in Beijing on April 23 "12335-Enterprise docking activities and the business school seminar". University of international business and economics, Professor Wang said at the meeting, cross-border e-commerce in the future will shift from B2C to B2B, the Living Room Sofa wholesaler(http://www.efull.com/product/living-room-sofa_1265.html) entire system and logistics system may have to be changed, policies should be the direction of the so-called retail B2B or B2C more toward encouraged.

Organised by the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce hosted, the economic information daily, Xinhua news agency contracts, on the theme "new normal cultivation of new foreign trade competitive power for economic development." Activities invited has Business Association representative, and experts scholars and related enterprise representative, common on "independent innovation, and high-end manufacturing and globalization", and "service trade and culture out of to", and "across border e-commerce new pattern", current foreign trade focus industry and hot problem for has widely and in-depth to Exchange, analysis has new of foreign trade form Xia Enterprise Innovation of direction and way, across border e-commerce of development mode and problem, focuses on discussion has business talent training of new requirements, made has active results.

The experts pointed out that, under the new form of trade, Government to adopt policies actively support exports, produces a significant effect on the other, through a variety of efforts to increase business training for enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises to participate in international competition with personnel security, is to speed up the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade of the essential strategy.

"Independent innovation, high-end manufacturing and globalisation" forums, micro-Jager Beijing (Beijing) technology, strategy Director Guo Shanghua believes that foreign trade enterprises to upgrade, without independent innovation, but more needs to be deeply involved in strategic investors, "this thing by a business, by a gun can't do." For independent innovation, shengrui transmission Deputy General Manager Chen Peng believes that is the basis of independent innovation, collaborative innovation is the support, "many enterprises now fulfill his industry, in particular the chain up and down together, cause for concern. ”

When it comes to service trade and culture go, clear production plan, Dean of Li Ji believes that Chinese culture going out and anew, we need to find a good carrier. Next success out of Chinese culture, China should become a cultural power, which necessarily involves the role of financial capital.

In the "new pattern of cross-border e-commerce" Forum, Wang believes that policy, legal and regulatory, in cross-border e-commerce is very important factor. May appear in future development of cross-border e-commerce space: shift from B2C to B2B, innovation is still concentrated in intensive and integrated, from trading to the transformation of the business model of collaborative services. Should be the direction of future policies from the so-called retail B2B or B2C more toward encouraged.

Small bird network CEO Liu Yin said cross-border platform, cross-border e-commerce is basically the heat of "fuel" heat, but from the entire industry, and there is a huge danger and uncertainty. If cross-border e-commerce industry self-regulating or not adjusted on the normative, so buy a few years ago is tomorrow's cross-border e-commerce, development from more than 10,000 to just a few.

Also issued a "trade Award", "best team", "the best team", "best leadership award", "best development award" 2014-12335 business... читать полностью
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Implementation of cross-border e-commerce policies promote the development of foreign trade
Municipal State Taxation Bureau according to the characteristics of e-commerce, China Home Furniture Manufacturers http://www.efull.com/product/home-furniture_1599.html tax adjustment functions and Internet + advantages into full play, exploration and innovation management of export tax rebate mechanism, accelerate the process of import and export tax rebates to support growth in foreign trade, actively promoting cross-border e-commerce in Zhenjiang export tax rebate rate to a higher level.

IRS sector in risk can control of situation Xia, on across border electric business enterprise additional green channel, provides appointment service, established focus contact system, set special service area, while strengthening on export enterprise of training, guarantee across border electric business export Enterprise timely understand export rebate management of related provides and master rebate system of operation method, ensure its from declared to back library not over 20 a days, active support export enterprise development.

And optimizing the export tax rebate services B2B Wholesale suppliers http://www.efull.com/ , enhance the efficiency of export tax rebates settles at the same time, strictly guard against violations, resolutely combat acts of cheat tax rebates, to ensure a healthy and orderly trade environment.
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In 2015, China-Russia trade setback with decline in both exports and imports
According to customs statistics, in 2015 to Russia import and export 422.73 billion yuan, down 27.8% over the previous year, accounting for 1.7% per cent of China's total import and export volume of foreign trade. Among them, exports to Russia 216.23 billion yuan, down 34.4%; Russian imports of 206.5 billion yuan, a drop of 19.1% the total trade surplus of 9.73 billion yuan.

Billion State power network from customs information network announced of message in the understand to Prime For Business(http://www.efull.com/), 2015 China on Russia import and export rendering three a main features: a, monthly export value shocks rebounded, imports value wide shocks; II, near 70% for general trade way import and export, border small trade import and export drop obviously; three, export to electromechanical products, and traditional labor intensive products and agricultural mainly, imports main for energy, and resources sex products.

It is reported that since April 2015, Russia import and export values of rebounding to 40.35 billion yuan in July before falling in December, back to the year's high. In December, imports and exports between China and Russia reached highest value during the year to 42.36 billion yuan, down 19.3%, rose 22.7%. Among them, exports to Russia 22.98 billion yuan, down 23.5%, rose 31.7%; imports from Russia 19.38 billion yuan, down 13.7%, rose 13.4%.

According to customs statistics, in 2015, China's general trade imports and exports to Russia to 286.53 billion yuan, a drop of 28.3%, accounting for 67.9% of the total value of imports and exports between China and Russia. Among them, exports of 156.5 billion yuan, down 29%; import 130.03 billion yuan, a drop of 27.5%. The same period, China's processing trade import and export to Russia of 50.82 billion yuan, down 24.2% 12%; import and export of 39.04 billion yuan in border trade way, 40.2%, 9.3%. Export products aspects, 2015, China on Russian export electromechanical products 96.19 billion yuan, declined 36.6%, accounted for earlier China on Russian export total of 44.5%; export traditional labor intensive products (textile clothing, and plastic products, and furniture and parts, and toy, and shoes class and bags and the similar container) 75.67 billion yuan, declined 34.1%, accounted for 35%; export agricultural 11.19 billion yuan, declined 20.8%, accounted for 5.2%; export car spare parts 8 billion yuan, declined 38%.

Imported products, in 2015, China's crude oil imports from Russia of 107.05 billion yuan, Sweaters Directory(http://www.efull.com/product/sweaters_1594.html) a drop of 30.1%, accounting for 52% of the total value of China's imports from Russia; import sawn 11.04 billion yuan, an increase of 15.4%; imports of 10.66 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%; import refined oil 9.93 billion yuan, down 29.6%; imported logs of 7.95 billion yuan, down 16%; import water seafood of 7.26 billion yuan, a drop of 6.6%.
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The workshop of the world "a new global role
Outsiders used to attach tags to the Dongguan, Dongguan impressions of those labels are in fact many years ago Bedroom Bed wholesaler(http://www.efull.com/product/bedroom-bed_1254.html). Dongguan is also on the line to do the low-end OEM? The reality is that every export 100 products, 74 of them is independent research and development of processing trade enterprises design Dongguan is also processing trade "baodatianxia"? The reality is that general trade accounted for by 2015 rising to 2010 in 36.6%, processing trade dropped from 84.8% to 60% per cent over the same period.

Global manufacturing and trading system, Dongguan's role is changing dramatically. Explore the supply side structural reform, Wan goods gradually leave the low-end OEM label, quality, technology and brands to climb smile curve the ends, while cross-border e-commerce and other new channels open, "manufacturing" is gradually mastering product pricing power, fresh development of Dongguan economy that new territory.

Mode change

From OEM to build its own brand

Mega furniture company in Dongguan semi-enclosed automatic powder spraying line, size MDF uniform after powder coating job interval, 20 nozzles spraying becomes colorful maneuvers. Marketing General Manager Guan Mingwei said, with sophisticated powder technology, mega furniture received a large order from IKEA, forming long-term relationships.

When people's impression of Dongguan is still stuck in "processing, borrowed boat", the master core technologies such as furniture enterprises in Dongguan has becoming a brand in the market.

In recent years, Dongguan foreign trade structure changed. Statistical data show that Dongguan general trade has risen from 13.7% in 2010 to 2015, the proportion of 36.6%.

Processing trade part of the traditional "two out" and vulnerable to fluctuations in the international market. From trade to trade, enterprise production autonomy with a strong, most notable landmarks is the change from OEM to build their own brands.

"Want a foothold in the industry, to have their own brand. "Dongguan Sheng kee said Geng Wenxiu, toys, Executive Manager, the plant is built at the beginning of the company's determination to make brand. Transition from OEM gradually to build their own brands, a difficult transition, David recorded a taste for sweetness. At present, revenue for the company's own brand products have achieved revenues of 90%.

Started with production of transformers fuhua UE Electronic electronic company was founded its own brand China Wardrobe Manufacturers, growth for companies such as Philips, Siemens, Huawei and power suppliers. Company Chairman Huang Zitian said, thanks to the company's strong research and development strength and skill levels, enterprises have more than more than 160 engineers, won 21 patents of invention, utility model and design patent on 79.

According to Dong Guan enterprises engaged in processing trade has exceeded 10,000, there's only more than more than 4,000. Dongguan Business Bureau official said, this data is "quality" upgrade after upgrade, many rising the ability of independent innovation of processing trade enterprises, from OEM to ODM to OBM's turn.

At present, has its own brand of Dongguan's processing trade enterprises with more than 2000, cumulative registered brand is up to 11,363. Each export 100 products in Dongguan, there are 74 pieces of independent research and development of processing trade enterprises, design, were 40.5% higher than in 2008, before the financial crisis.

By 2015, increase high-tech processing trade enterprises in Dongguan to 252, obtained the authorization of domestic and foreign patents increased to 2,660.

Brands and innovation two-wheel-drive, Dongguan has to pick the new coordinates in global trade.

Product change

From the main clothing "zhizao is King"

Now, with... читать полностью
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China's import and export trade Outlook for product demand and product investment strategy analysis
From January 1, 2016 to adjust China's import and export tariffs. One area of concern is, Messenger Bag Directory(http://www.efull.com/product/messenger-bag_1187.html) for domestic demand of infant milk powder, bags, clothing, sunglasses, such as tariffs on imported goods will take measures to reduce, and modest expansion of the scope of consumer tax cuts. However, these are mainly taken to temporary tariff rate reduced import duties, instead of directly to adjust the tax rates, this means that the import duty for these goods also adjusted according to the actual situation of space in the future.

To enrich the domestic consumers shopping options, upgrade domestic consumption demand, in 2016, will expand its range of consumer tax cuts, to temporary tariff rate lower import tariff rates in the past relatively higher greater elasticity of demand, and imports of goods, including infant milk formula, bags, clothing, scarves, blankets, vacuum flask, sunglasses and other products are in the scope of tax cuts.

Clothing, for example, wool, cotton coats for men and women by 16% MFN rate dropped to 2016 before provisional tax for the years. Import duties on wool suits for men and women from 17.5% to 10%, wool shirt for men and women from 16% to 8%. In addition, the duty rates on a variety of shoes has been changed from 24% to 12%, part of the suitcase, handbag from 20% to 10%, fur has been changed from 23% to 10%. This means a lot of brand-name clothing, bags the import tax rate for next year will be significantly decreased.

In addition, infant formula is also of great concern within the scope of tax cuts next year, including depth of partially hydrolyzed formula, milk proteins hydrolysis of milk protein formulas, amino acid formula, special infant lactose-free formula milk powder import duty rates dropped significantly from 20% 5%, retail packaging for infant food milk formula from 15% to 5%. In addition, other retail food packaging industry for infant consumption rates decreased from 15% to 5%. In addition to reduced import tariffs on some imports, but in 2016 will also be part of our national export tariff adjustments, such as reducing tariffs on exports of pig iron, steel and other commodities, cancel the export tariff on phosphoric acid and ammonia and ammonia products. In import and export tariffs by 2016 China will adjust some taxable items, adjusted total number of tariff items increase from 8,285 to 8,294.

In addition, according to our country and other relevant national or regional trade or tariff preference agreement signed, starting in 2016 will also be on China and Iceland, and Switzerland, and Costa Rica, and Peru, and New Zealand free trade agreement as well as the Mainland and Macao closer economic partnership arrangement 7 agreements, such as further tax cuts. Originating in Iceland 27 items of commodities, originating in Switzerland 5,923 category commodities, originating in Costa Rica of 247 items goods, native to Peru 1802 category commodities, originating in New Zealand 92 items of commodities to implement further tax cuts; originating in Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. and has developed 2 items of the preferential rules of origin of goods duty-free. In addition, my next year will be originating from ASEAN Member States and the other members of the Asia-Pacific trade agreement (Bangladesh, India, Laos, Korea, Sri Lanka), Pakistan, Singapore, and Chile and Taiwan products continue to implement agreements in the area of tax rate the range of goods and the tax rates remain unchanged.

Related message: People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Korea free trade agreement the Government of the People's Republic of China Government and Australia free trade agreement will come into effect on December 20 at the same time the Government and reduced taxes for the first time, January 1, 2016, the second tax reduction.

In terms of openness, liberalization... читать полностью
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SHUNDE furniture exports 11 months keep growing
According to statistics from customs office in Shunde, Foshan, 2015-1 ~ November, Bathroom Cabinets Factories(http://www.efull.com/product/bathroom-cabinets_1257.html) Shunde's export furniture and parts thereof (hereinafter "furniture") 6.98 billion yuan, 9.2% more than last year. Among them, the Shunde furniture export value for November month of 680 million Yuan, an increase of 1.8%.

Export furniture, general trade exports accounted for more than 90%, exports doubled in tourist shopping way. 1 ~ November, Shunde general trade export furniture 5.65 billion yuan, down by 4.9% per cent, with processing trade exports of 340 million Yuan, down 23.1%; worth noting is on tourism shopping exports 990 million Yuan, an increase of 112 times.
According to customs statistics, private furniture Enterprise lead exports, exports of foreign invested enterprises. In January-November, exports of private enterprises in SHUNDE furniture 5.04 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7% per cent, exports of foreign-invested enterprises of 1.94 billion yuan, down 8.2%.

According to reports, the Shunde Kitchen Cabinets Factories furniture exports(http://www.efull.com/product/kitchen-cabinets_1258.html) to the European Union, the United States and the ASEAN region, India and Saudi Arabia maintaining double-digit export growth.
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"The Internet +" traditional foreign trade enterprise in transition
During the two sessions, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries of the representative of as many members were concerned about the issue. Many representatives said that in the "manufacturing service" the global manufacturing trend, our traditional manufacturing enterprises should adapt to the trend, make adjustments in their businesses as soon as possible, which coincide with the supply side reform and a series of reform measures, successful realization of the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing companies. As China's largest building materials group Woolen,Sweater & Knitwear(http://www.efull.com/product/woolen-sweater-knitwear_1078.html), China building materials industry group (hereinafter "China building materials") was such a bold business attempts, through innovative business models, reconstruction of the industry value chain, to be dominated by resource and energy consumption of traditional building materials industries and modern services, financial services, high-tech industries such as fusion, transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises to manufacturing services provides an important sample.

Recently, China building materials group its in the building materials group import and export company Deputy General Manager, and in the building materials international trade limited (following referred to "in the building materials trade") Chairman and General Manager, and easy single network President Zhang jinsong in accept economic reference reported reporter interview Shi, to building materials industry first spot trading of across border electric business platform easy single network of established and operation experience for cases, detailed introduced has in the building materials trade of transformation attempts to. He said that by "Internet +", combines the traditional advantages of large foreign trade companies and combining modern e-commerce, promote the optimization and reorganization of the industry, reduce costs, will not only help more small and medium enterprises through a single network platform going, also makes traditional manufacturing companies continue to life.

Zhang jinsong, easy NET in addition to building materials trade in its business innovation is also shouldering the task of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises in the new period. "In the process of transition to a service in the Internet age, single network is important to try. "Zhang jinsong believes that with the establishment of easy NET, building materials in traditional trade, such trade companies formally embarked on a restructuring--will be a lot of offline sources, customers, and channels into the Internet business model, all trade transactions completed online(http://www.efull.com/product/sweaters_1594.html), and provides specialized and personalized service. Doing so can greatly promote decentralized materials and equipment industry by product, market and trade scattered upgrades for customers focus, market concentration, trading fast and mature industry, cutting domestic production enterprise of international trade barriers to entry, improve international customers on "made in China" recognition.

Zhang jinsong, said, "I believe the net supply side reform under the background of, Sweaters must fulfill our mission and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the building materials to the manufacturing industry. ”
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Between 2015 and construction machinery products in the third quarter analysis of the import and export trade
"Along the way" along the countries ' trade active

On all continents, Asia 7.469 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.6%, 51.3% per cent of total exports; for African exports US $ 1.696 billion, down 18.8%, 11.7% per cent of total export; export to Europe $ 1.865 billion, down 24.4%, 12.8% per cent of total exports; exports to South America $ 1.335 billion, an increase of 4.76%, 9.17% per cent of total exports ; $ 1.693 billion exports to North America, fell 5.44%, 11.6% per cent of total exports; Digital Printing Machine(http://www.efull.com/product/digital-printing-machine_1303.html) exports to the Oceania 497 million dollars, down 8.2%, 3.42% per cent of total exports.

The import side, imports of construction machinery products in China are mainly from Asia, Europe, North America, the Asian imported 1.069 billion dollars, down by 32.3%, total imports 40.2%; European imports of 1.218 billion dollars, down by 10.1%, total imports 45.8%; imports from North America of $ 337 million, down 14.9%, 12.7% per cent of total imports.

"Along the way" countries along with China's construction machinery trade activity, the first three quarters of this year, China's construction machinery product exports to the countries along the $ 6.446 billion, 44.3% of the total exports, exports increased to 3.89%, higher than the total export growth 6.33%. Exports are also significantly higher than the national export and export of electromechanical products in the "along the way" the country's exports.

Products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and other countries, while the United States and Japan, Han Sung for our major market of construction machinery parts, of its parts and components exports in total exports and 61%, and 49.6%. Moreover Australia parts share 42.5%, India 34.6% share parts.

General trade accounted for a large proportion of

General trade exports in total exports of 71.2%, occupy a higher proportion. Processing exports with imported materials accounted for 18.1%, overseas project contracting exports accounted for 6.5%, border trade accounted for 1.63%, bonded warehousing transit 1.53%. Leasing trade accounted for only 0.15% (see table 5).

Elevator and the escalator, and parts, and non-highway with freight since truck, and Tower type crane, products general trade accounted for the class products exports of 80% above; bulldozers, and concrete mechanical, and chisel rock machine and the pneumatic tool general trade accounted for than for 70%~80%; mount machine, and track crane, and with car crane, general trade accounted for than for 60%~70%; assessment Pu machine, and pressure road machine, and excavator, and forklift, and tunnel dig into machine, products general trade accounted for than insufficient 50%.

Tunnel boring machines, forklift trucks, compactors, excavators and other products processing Rubber Machinery(http://www.efull.com/product/rubber-machinery-casting-forging_1584.html) Casting & Forging trade with imported materials accounted for the proportion of exports of these products were 90%, 64.8%, 55.4% and 50.1%.

Spreader, truck cranes, crawler cranes, bulldozers and other products overseas project contracting exports accounted for the proportion of exports of these products were 45.6%, 30.2%, 14.4% and 12.9%.

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Canada Party culture to provide lighting trade opportunities
OFweek lighting network from Canada's Internet solutions company DataTellIt Chen, Egg Tray Machine(http://www.efull.com/product/egg-tray-machine_1315.html) Chief Scientist at an industry meeting, Canada household LED market analysis and intelligent trend. Canada lighting variety in the market, high prices, product features a single, less installation services. Because of rising prices, the Government is actively promoting energy saving. The current Canadian market lack of competition, still in traditional retail the leading stage decoration O2O marketing space is enormous.

Chen said that since North Americans are more focused on family values and Canada winters are long, kids, big house, Canada people stayed in the family for a long time. Coupled with an aging society, Party culture, everyone willing to invest more money and time to decorate the home environment. Specific to the lighting market, North American home market space is enormous. Such as the United States's second-largest retailer Home Depot and Lowe's, the world's leading home improvement retailer, has had three consecutive quarters of sales growth.

Canada home market space is enormous, but the existing products to meet individual needs. As in Canada, account for a high rate of Home Depot,DataTellIt market research staff survey, the store is divided into four categories of lamps, first is a traditional chandelier, expensive, one of the five traditional chandeliers prices for $ 499, compared with ex-factory prices, profit margins of more than 50%. Secondly is the modern chandeliers, ceiling lights, spotlights. Single variety, is very expensive. Product is scarce, not very personal. Compare Shenzhen LED the market with a variety of goods, you can see a big difference. This LED export-oriented enterprises in China has provided a good market opportunity.

In addition, in terms of sales channels, Canada is still very traditional sales methods. Rely mainly on offline channels, such as showrooms, online sales channel is relatively backward. In respect of installation services, because Canada, along with installation service is providing small and unable to fully meet the needs of each area, which rely on DIY culture.

Now the Canadian Government is also actively advocating energy conservation. Because electricity prices rising, Canada the Government has adopted for lighting efficiency standards, some restrictions on inefficient lighting. 2009 Canada through the Green Energy Act. In addition, the 2014 Canada also revised the 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W light bulbs minimum energy performance standards. In support of Government policy, Canada LED lights to replace traditional lighting trends is necessary.

United States Department of energy data showed that four consecutive quarter of 2014, alternative to traditional lighting LED lights showed a steady growth trend, because Canada cannot meet the energy-saving lamps market with individual demands, needed new blood into, LED a great breakthrough. Its marketing strategy can be divided into three steps, the first light bulb replacement, Canada major product categories to LED bulbs, bulb prices are relatively high. But by 2020 product prices will remain low. In addition, if the competitive strategies from the Red Sea into the blue ocean strategy. DataTellIt considered one of the most important opportunity is the smart home market and trends, intelligent LED lighting upgrades.

How to realize the product upgrade, creating demand for more value, and the opportunity to meet various needs of customers. Everyone is fighting over the entrance, the interconnection. While trying to find a breakthrough in the home, and lights are a very nice family entrance. Commercial competition are important sources of value in the future? DataTellIt stressed that comes from analysis of data, access, and the ability to find data value. Via the big data, cloud computing, information technology, can achieve... читать полностью
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Explore Eurasia trade platform for textile machinery market
The 17th Shanghai International exhibition on textile industry (Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery "http://www.efull.com/product/pharmaceutical-equipment-machinery_1334.html) during the Turkey international textile machinery exhibition organizing Committee was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E2 press conference, introduced the preparations of ITM2016, and Turkey in recent years, the textile industry trends and characteristics. Shanghai textile technology service and Exhibition Center General Manager Liu Weiping, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the ITM Necip g u Ney, Assistant to the Consul of the Consulate General in Shanghai, Republic of Turkey, the textile Association of Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other provinces, as well as domestic textile machinery business and Turkey textile machinery trade representatives, attended the meeting.

Turkey Tuyap and Teknik jointly organized two exhibition group, Turkey textile machinery industry association (TEMSAD) provides support ITM TEXPO EURASIA Middle East and Eurasia region is the largest and most specialized international exhibition of textile machinery, known as textile machinery platform-oriented and technical development the most important exhibition.

ITM2016 will take place in June 2016 1 – 4th in Turkey's Istanbul International Exhibition Centre, and starting in 2016, three years term of ITM will be held once every two years. "ITM2016 displayed area will up 120,000 m2, using exhibition center of 12 a Pavilion," Necip g u Ney in introduced in the said, "since May 2015 began sales yilai, ITM2016 currently spinning Museum has reservation 70%, weaving made Museum has reservation 80%, dyeing and the Hou finishing Museum reservation rate has reached 90%; due to digital printing mechanical manufacturers of active participation, ITM2016 also specifically opened has digital printing museum. ”

Turkey is located in the intersection of the Eurasian continent, with unique geographical and cultural advantages, textile trade with Europe is Turkey important pillars of the economy. Textile industry is Turkey's second largest industry, its yarn production of Europe's first world third, fabric production to the European second world v, while Turkey has Europe's largest textile finishing industry investment, is also Europe's largest textile producer and Europe's second-largest carpet producer.

ITM brings together today's newest and most stylish products and technologies for textile enterprises to develop new products, improve production technology provides a good platform for international exchange, but also for enterprises to enter the market and open up the Middle East and Europe and Asia, understanding and consolidation of the new and old customers, offer excellent opportunities. ITM2013 total 1037 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions to participate in, attracted representatives from 78 countries and exchange of about 43,000 visitors to visit the area, a wide range of exhibits, ranging from fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing to the clothing of all kinds of textile machinery, spare parts and testing equipment, industrial software, textile raw materials, Chemical Machine Parts(http://www.efull.com/product/chemical-machine-parts_1335.html) dyes and additives, and other fields.

Liu Weiping said in his speech: "the Shanghai textile technology service and Exhibition Center as exclusive partner of the ITM in the greater China region, since ITM2016 is solely responsible for all ITM China exhibitor application and follow-up services. By occasion of the ShanghaiTex2015, I sincerely welcome outstanding Chinese textile machinery companies and experts to Turkey to open up the market to seek cooperation. ”
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Pry the small electrical products trade world
25th at 8 o'clock in the morning, Ba Zhen Tong Ling mountain bridge Group 1 DUI Wang Yuanshun, Wu Chunmei and his wife was already busy. Wu Chunmei view Alibaba platform overseas at a computer the customer products customization; Wang Yuanshun is guiding new employees assembled in the workshop.

In 2012, this generation couples from Fujian Printer Chip(http://www.efull.com/product/printer-chip_1245.html), home business, home business from an electronics factory. Plant more than 2000 square meters, the area is small, employing 40lai people, no more, for 4 years, but to sell electronic products to Germany, and Finland, and South Africa, and India, Bangladesh, Australia and other world countries in 2015 and achieve sales of 12 million Yuan.

Jingzhou manufacturing small electrical products how to prise open foreign trade world? Reporter went into a children's bridge Group 1, 25th district, Jingzhou city Jie Sheng Electronics Ltd, a closer look.

Jingzhou, aimed at employment advantages

Moving home entrepreneurship

In 2011, open factory in Putian, Fujian Wu Chunmei Wang Yuanshun made an important decision, the factory moved back to Jingzhou, hometown of spring may--as a whole.

In 2007, working in Shenzhen to do foreign trade Wu Chunmei and opened factories in Putian of Wang Yuanshun together, harvest of love at the same time, two people begin a new career--the production of electronic products through e-commerce platforms are sold abroad, up to 7 million yuan in annual sales.

Devoted couple 4 years in this factory in Putian, a move meant to new environment to start all over again. What makes couples decided to make a decision? It turns out that around 2010, the staff wastage in coastal areas, as the basic factors of production labor and shortages become the biggest bottleneck of small and medium enterprise development. "In order to attract people, you have to raise wages, which will increase costs and lower competitiveness in the market. "Increasing labor costs, profit margins and lower under the double down, and her husband Wu Chunmei bewildered.

"Spring may this year and there are many girls in the village wives back, to stay at home to look after the old, say no more out of work. "The beginning of 2011, father and Wu Chunmei calls a" gossip ", suddenly open for her train of thought.

Labour return to hometown advantage is relatively obvious. Wu Chunmei and her husband discussed, why not another way? The couple accounts, home relatively low labor cost, or even offset the increased cost of raw materials procurement, logistics and other aspects of the Mainland, labour the clear advantages of a firm determination to Jingzhou, the pair back to the business.

In fact, Wu Chunmei selecting the home and business, along with some "selfish", "I opened the factory in the village, can solve the employment problem and the village women working nearby, can look like home. ”

3 million Yuan worth in

Stick to the industrious and brave move on

2013 before the Spring Festival, every shopping, spare new year, Wu Chunmei got back with a couple of big grass carp from the market. "Dad, new year and if there are, do fish hot pot. "A door, Wu Chunmei's father asked. Unexpectedly, but blame her father does not live.

Who thought this year, Wu Chunmei from Putian back 3 million yuan of cash being spent on building infrastructure, staff training, and who thought this year the Spring Festival, Wu Chunmei Wang Yuanshun couple body only in 2000.

"This year, no money, don't come back to Hunan. "The 30 parents advised Wu Chunmei. "No, hard to go back. "To the gas in the car, pay high tolls, returned to Hunan, spring may give her 200 Yuan red packet. Way back, penniless young couple game and wept bitterly.

"That year, I also never forget, have never been so difficult. "Wu Chunmei remembers clearly,... читать полностью
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2016 the 15th China International Consumer Electronics Exposition
2015 issued by the State Council of the Chinese-made fertilizer manufactured powerhouse of the 2025 strategic programme of action of the first decade. Facing major adjustments in global manufacturing. New-generation information technology and manufacturing depth, Router(http://www.efull.com/product/router_1215.html) is leading to far-reaching changes, forming new patterns of production, industry, business models and economic growth. Countries are stepping up technological innovation, promoting three-dimensional (3D) printing, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, bio-engineering, new energy, new materials and other fields have achieved new breakthroughs. Cyber-physical system based on the intelligent equipment, intelligent factory intelligent manufacturing is leading the manufacturing changes; network crowdsourcing, collaborative design, mass customization, precision supply chain management, life cycle management, e-commerce is reshaping the industry value chain; wearable smart products, smart appliances, smart cars, smart terminal products continues to expand new areas of manufacturing. Transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, innovation and development of significant opportunity.

Global industrial competition is undergoing major adjustment

China faces enormous challenges in a new round of development. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis, developed countries have implemented "reindustrialization" strategy, reshaping the industry new competitive advantages, new pattern of accelerating a new round of global trade and investment. Some developing countries in speeding up design and layout, participate actively in the global industrial division of labor, industry and capital transfers, expanding the international market space. Our manufacturing industry is facing both developed and other developing countries "double squeeze" challenge, you must think globally, and stepped up the strategic deployment, focus on building strong, solidifying, and turning challenges into opportunities, to seize the commanding heights of manufacturing a new round of competition.

(Consumer Electronics Expo, referred to as CEE), hosted by the best international exhibition limited exclusive 2016 15th CEE officially changed its name to: China international electronic industry Expo. Aimed at promoting the combination of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life. With brands to develop domestic and foreign markets, network layout perfect for global marketing, improve brand visibility and influence. Held annually in June in the Chinese capital--Beijing, is China's most influential consumer electronics show. Exhibitions for the promotion of high quality and innovative electronics companies to provide excellent platform and professional services, new technologies, new designs, new products for all-round display business, demonstrate corporate style, brand.

Effective consumer electronics trade event

Each year, the CEE events leading Asia and the world as buyers came to Beijing, to build China's electronics industry's most influential trade platform. High quality audience for exhibitors to bring numerous business opportunities as well as opportunities for cooperation and Exchange.

June 2015/16-18th, the country's largest and most influential brand of electronic information industry event 14th CEE China International Consumer Electronics Exposition (abbreviation: CEE International Expo), China best known, most influential international Pavilion-Beijing China International Exhibition Center (abbreviation: International Exhibition Center) opening of the victory. CEE 2015 ushered 32,158 Professional visitors, of which over 3,000 professional visitors from abroad. Show with Xinhua News Agency, people's daily, China Central television, China daily, China business news, the Wall Street Journal and Xinhua, Sina, Sohu, the people's daily, Beijing, hundreds... читать полностью
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Some Nexus 5 x have problems touch during charging
As time passes, more and more come out defects in new products released to the market. A concrete example we saw with iPad Pro and undergoing crash leaving it connected to the charger after charging is at 100% (Apple is investigating about the iPad Pro problems after refills). Another example is confronted with the Nexus 5 x that appears to have similar problems right at the iPad Pro.

According to what has been reported by many users on the official forum of the Nexus, on Reddit and on XDA, some specimens of Nexus 5 x suffer problems related to touch screen grid as soon as they are connected to the charger. The strange thing is that problems occur when the Nexus 5 x is recharged using a USB cable to USB Type-C Type-C (as provided). If you use a USB cable USB Type-A to Type-C, everything works in the best way (doesn't happen though fast charging).

Analyzing the problem better, it seems that only the Nexus 5 x in September are affected by this bug. To check when your smartphone was produced, just look at the serial number of the sales packaging: if it starts with 509 means that was produced in September while starts with 510 was produced in October and so on.

To read more please visit: http://www.kingsouq.com/mostpopular/3-sim-card-phone.html
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Huawei: New Schnellade technology charges 3,000 mAh battery in 5 minutes to the half
<p>Huawei has demonstrated an impressive new quick charging technology in two videos: while currently within 30 minutes a battery of 60 percent or more can be achieved, Huawei's new invention creates almost 50 percent for a 3,000 mAh battery in just 5 minutes.</p>

<p>One hears again and again, that the Smartphone industry in all areas of progress would have done except for one actually essential point: battery life. Actually, there has been extraordinary progress in this area, because the today's batteries are enduring, powerful and consume at the same time far less space than their predecessors from the past. But also a fact is that a State of the art <strong><a href="http://studentbeatz.com/betdesmartp/2015/10/14/marshmallow-definitely-appears-for-this-equipment/">Smartphone</a></strong> but eats up vast amounts of energy, so that is most users see forced to download the Smartphone at least once per day. Huawei has now unveiled a new quick charging technology, which could make charging of smartphones in the future significantly more pleasant.</p>

<p>In the field of quick charging technology Qualcomm has can make so far some very considerable progress - smartphones with quick batch 2.0 can be fully charged not rare in little more than an hour. It would be even nicer but certainly, if you could carry out the charging of smartphones during the Vertilgen of butter bread: Huawei's new development needed to recharge a 3,000 mAh powerful battery to 48 per cent only 5 minutes, which represents a significant step forward. To charge the second half of the battery will probably take our experience however slightly longer – which is the case with current technologies.</p>

<p>The new technology even significantly faster loads a 600 mAh powerful battery, what could be, for example, for Android wear equipment of importance. Differently than other approaches in this direction the technology should be have been also been intensively tested and found to be suitable for mass production, so that users could benefit may already be in the coming year.</p>

<p>Remains the question whether the average Smartphone with such Schnelladetechniken in favour of a thinner case-battery will decrease or remains rather constant. We are also interested to see how a such a fast load affects the battery life.</p>

<p>To read more please visit: http://www.kingsouq.com/mostpopular/mobile-clone-buy.html</p>
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